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What is Shiatsu?


Shiatsu, is a finger pressure based massage or physiotherapy that has its roots in traditional Chinese medicine dating back to the 5th century B.C. It is sometimes compared to acupressure, but shiatsu is more than just pressure points, as it also incorporates other stress-relieving methods such as stretching, breathing and rotating for a more whole-body approach to restoring energy balance.


The main concept of shiatsu is that energy, qu or chi, circulates along channels or meridians in the body. When chi flows freely, it brings positive "yang" energy and carries away negative "yin" energy, keeping you physically, emotionally and spiritually well.


Tokujiro Namikoshi, who founded the first shiatsu college in Tokyo in 1940, is credited with inventing modern shiatsu. He was just seven years old when he invented a finger pressure technique to help treat his mother's rheumatoid arthritis. The term "shiatsu" was actually first coined by Tenpaku Tamai, when he published a book called "Shiatsu Ho" (Shiatsu Method) back in 1919.


The method caught on with celebrities like Muhammad Ali and Marilyn Monroe, and now the technique has grown in popularity worldwide.


Shiatsu massage is best known for its relief of stress-related ailments like headaches, back aches and general muscle tension. You may suffer from sleeplessness, indigestion, swollen joints, headaches and depression. These conditions are not viewed as discomfort, but as symptoms of hyperactive, underproductive, blocked or misdirected chi. By manipulating pressure points along your meridians, your body's balance of energy will be restored and illness can be prevented.


Although shiatsu is a hands-on method of healing, customers sometimes experience reactions that go beyond the physical. During treatments, some people may exhibit temporary emotional reactions such as crying, laughing, intense relief or deep peace.


So come on in today  for an affordable shiatsu session tailored specially to your body and your lifestyle.


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